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Monday, June 06, 2011


Just me.


Saturday, June 04, 2011

new year!!

Sorry bloggy, mama's been abandoning you!!

Been back in Malaysia awhile, been nice playing with my mother.

So I've got my timetable for next year and can I just say, mighty exciting times await me! I'm probs gonna get super jaded(picked that up in TTSH, the medical officer was like... oh I'm super jaded, he's super jaded etc etc.) but for now I'm pretty eager to start school, and am pleased that I'm eager to start school cause it means I love what I'm doing and that's awesome! I sound like Pollyanna now. Ngeh.

I'm starting of on 13th June with a 5 week Oncology posting, sounds potentially fun:)) and I'm currently starting to send billions of emails around, all with the intention of snagging an elective in emergency medicine in Australia next year! Also majorly excited about that and hopeful that I'll get a spot. (: Been trying to write my CV though and it's making me depressed, I've done nothing with my life!! :((((

Can I talk about shopping for a bit? Yesss..... I bought a black blazer from GG5 and it's really nice and I've got another wardrobe staple! I was thinking...... I could wear it with a white tank top and those Aladdin pants, couldn't I?? NAISE.

Enough updates for now? Yes. Okay time to eat purple dragon fruit, I've been constipated and the fruit makes me regular. HEH!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

feeling empty inside :S

I love listening to the psychiatrists talk cause what they say makes sense and actually sounds feasible- One thing that really hit me today was this:

Someone mentioned that sometimes taking anxiety away from chronically anxious patients isn't the answer cause if you take something away you leave a vacuum behind and that makes them feel vulnerable- and that completely explains how i feel sometimes- when I have something to worry about i feel worried yes but i feel okay, but when i have nothing to worry about i feel uneasy, like something's wrong or not right. ugh. dont like it. i feel a little empty now. ugh.


Monday, May 16, 2011

about 3 in 1.

Been in sunny singapore for 2 days and it's been nice!

Started my attachment today and everyone was really nice to me and i really enjoyed my first day- felt a bit wishy-washy though and i'm extremely tired but i'll try my best to read up and be an active learner heh. i would go into greater detail but i'm really knackered and i've to get up early to go to the temple tomorrow. zzz

Anyways.. more pictures. From Amsterdam, Stratford-upon-Avon and my dinner with chongerie ( finally tried the multicoloured xiao long baos that i've been seeing on everybody's blog/facebook pictures!!)
Penis fountain in the sex museum haha
pretty tree in the flower gardens in Amsterdam!
Not in order, but this is the outside the sex museum haha it was reallly interesting!
My new pink shades that I got for myself as a souvenir in Amsterdam heh. This is in Stratford though. Shakespeare's house was way cool, did you know he knocked a girl called Anne Hathaway up at 18 and had a shotgun marriage, HAHA?? had kids too! twins and two more if i'm not mistaken.
Okay this is at the restaurant in Ion with the colourful xiao long baos. My hair looks decent here. Phew. It's growing.. I'm not too repulsed by myself anymore heh. But i still miss my long locks!!
YAY! i liked the cheesy, garlic and original one :)) don't like the foie gras one. YUCK.
Outside Shakespeare's house though you can't see it very well :(
Rowing, I was the best out of the 3 of us ha! learnt something from kayak after all. it's not as simple as it looks cause you have to coordinate both sides and the paddle keeps unhooking itself, it's hard to explain but it's really not easy. super tiring too!!
Last picture at Stratford, just by the nice grassy patches where people kinda chill. Was a good day. Okay. I'm really sleepyyyy.

Bye deborah :(

huay shan

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

about how i wish i still looked like this :'(

cycling along jordaan
Awesomely pretty tulips in the tulip garden!
Outside the Anne Frank House
Playing around in the tulip garden :) I love this picture!!
more gorgeous flowers

more pictures (more exciting ones.. eg. sex museum, pigeon that shat on me..) to come when I get the rest of the pictures!! (: